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Despite the speakers being of exceptional calibres, no effect, or very little effect is had on the hearts. Such a negative outcome is the result of far too much of pretence and show business, accompanied by the echo of internal emptiness and hollowness.

Too often is it found that instead of inviting to Allah Ta’ala, the speaker is inviting to himself or herself.

The desire of the nafs is to draw larger numbers of people to oneself and gain ‘name’, ‘fame’ and ‘recognition’. Consequently, rivalry, envy and enmity breed in the heart when other speakers have a greater attendance at their gatherings, or whose names have gained greater fame.

As a result of this insincerity, diseases such as riyaa (show), hasad (jealousy), kibr (pride), ill will, egoism, etc. abound in the heart. Most often, due to the dominating presence of pride in the heart, no effort is made of Islaah (reformation) and Tazkia (purification). Subsequently such a person will even reject the need for reformation.

Moreover, the evils of jealousy, malice and the likes, lead to disparaging remarks and negative criticism directed at so-called ‘rivals’. Major sins like gheebat (backbiting) and slander are also resorted to – even in respect to the Ulama-e-Haq and the Mashaa`ik. 

If we are inviting to Allah Ta’ala and not ourselves, then we would be supportive, encouraging and an assistance to others rendering the same or similar tasks; not rejecting and condemning them. This, in itself, is a clear sign of insincerity and takabbur (pride). …How can we entertain a superiority complex when we have not an inkling as to whether any of our efforts have been accepted by Allah Ta’ala?…

Maulana Sayed Sulaimaan Nadwi (Rahmatullah ‘alaih) has, very aptly, spelt out a reality : Whether we live like this Or live like that, What is left to be seen Is how our stay there will be (i.e. in the Hereafter).

…If the weakness does not lie within the speaker then it can be found within the listener.

Many are the listeners who attend for show, or entertainment and pleasure, or just to accompany friends and meet others, or to buy or sell, or for some other reason besides the desire to listen, practise and convey to others. …Whilst even such attendance does not go without its rewards, the real benefit is not obtained.

Sometimes a person goes to the Khanqa of a pious Sheikh so that he becomes known as one having a close relationship with a great Wali (friend) of Allah Ta’ala, or he goes desiring that he becomes the Khalifa of his Sheikh.

Then again, sometimes contact is made with such pious personalities just for ‘Taweez’ or some worldly gain, e.g. If one is seen in the company of the pious it would be easy to procure a loan, or even someone’s daughter in marriage.

Since mention has been made, and a very important point comes to mind, it must be understood that Khilafat is given on the basis of the condition of the mureed whilst he is in the Khanqa.

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