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Therefore, if the speaker has no Ikhlaas, then he can only convey some knowledge, but people who attend his talks leave in the same condition they arrived; there is no apparent difference or visible change.

If the speaker is mukhlis (sincere) then the listeners are not mukhlis [i.e. they are not really keen on making the Islaah (reformation) of their nafs, or it has become just routine to attend a weekly program, or go out for some ta’leem].  As a result, their hearts cannot receive that which the speaker is passing on.

If both these categories possess Ikhlaas then the third party – the organisers – may be defective in intention. Many a time the organisers of such Programmes are motivated by numerous worldly reasons, and as a result, there is no evident benefit.

In all Deeni programmes, either :

  • The speaker is sincere and the audience is sincere, or
  • The speaker is sincere but the listeners are not sincere, or
  • The listeners are sincere but the speaker is not sincere, or
  • Both the speaker and listeners are not sincere.
  • The speaker and audience are sincere, but the organisers are not sincere.

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