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The Truth of the Matter

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Nevertheless, in most of our Programmes, either the speaker is not Mukhlis (sincere) or the listeners are not Mukhlis.

 …Degrees and exceptional qualifications are not the key to unlocking the hearts of listeners to convey the message of Deen. No matter what qualifications a person may possess or present, if the heart is not enlightened, the mind will not be enlightened. If the mind is not enlightened then the speech will not be enlightened; and if the speech is not enlightened then those words will simply rebound from the hearts of listeners.

Whilst such a person may be applauded for his eloquence, his intelligence, and his brilliant and innovative ideas to cure the ailments of our Ummah, there is no real effect. His words will fall on ears but his words will not fall onto hearts. Why ?


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>>Monday 17th April,Islamic Economics Prog by Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sb, @7:50pm-Insha Allah <<<










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